A strong business plan ensures your company runs cohesively and has funding opportunities.

Business Mentoring and Growth

We at M Squared Accountancy are very proud of our successful track record of mentoring business clients. For us, when we see the difference in people at the end compared to where they started, it is very rewarding!

M Squared Accountancy wants to help you the business owner grow on a daily basis. In order to do this, we will look at how you are currently running your business with regards to staff, systems, location, training, costs & much more. We will discuss your business goals and how you are going to achieve these. As most people know businesses aren’t simply successful based on one or two elements but a huge range of reasons.

You can book a free 45minute business discovery mentoring call by clicking on the button below. If you think we are a good fit we will then organise 9 mentoring sessions together (online or face to face as you prefer). This unique style of mentoring is based on M Squared Accountancy’s own success to date. This combined with a strong business plan has led to many businesses moving up a gear and also obtaining funding for growth in order to fulfil their lifelong goals.

Want to Unlock the Entrepreneur Within?

The Pandemic brought lots of challenges to business owners but it also brought opportunities. For Melanie the owner of M Squared Accountancy it was the chance to unleash her creativity and to write a book to help business owners ‘Unlock the Entrepreneur Within’. If you want advice about how to be the most successful business owner you can with a practical tool kit for success, email us to be the first to hear of its release date!

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